A downloadable game

A walking simulator originally designed to help with depression that doesn't really help with depression.

This port has a few bug fixes, uses MV-tilesets and includes a few extra lines of dialogue for those looking for them. The original was only playable on Windows, but I think it might work on anything that has a browser. I hope.

This game was originally made in RPG Maker VX Ace and ported to MV using the converter script created by Yanfly http://yanfly.moe/

Downhill uses music by Christoph "DisOmikron" Jakob https://soundcloud.com/disomikron


Downhill MVee-Make 255 MB

Install instructions

Download the .zip file. Extract files and run "Play Downhill" in your browser. It should work with anything that runs html5. I personally recommend Mozilla Firefox for the best experience.


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You should probably test this stuff before releasing it, cause the html5 doesn't work. Unless it's just me?

Oh! Sorry about that. It does work on my end. Did you make sure to extract the files first? I had trouble running the .zip file directly, so I renamed index to Play Downhill to let people know where to click. Are you getting an error message, or just a black screen? What operating system and browser are you using? I hope I can fix this.

Ah it said that it couldn't find the actor data? I'm using Windows. I did extract it as well. 

Okay. Hm. I'm completely new to MV (more of a VXer). The only info on this problem I can find is that a file may be missing or corrupted. You might have to download it again. If anyone else tried the game, I'd appreciate any feedback on this. In the meantime, since you're using Windows, you can try out the original version of Downhill, it's not that different.